The Faculty of Health and Social Care Delivering Excellence in Health and Social Care Education, Training and Research at Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and Fulbourn With over 8,000 students the Faculty is the largest provider of health education in the East of England with a wide range of Departments and undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development courses available within each department, covering Acute Care, Allied Health and Medicine, Primary and Public Health, Mental Health and Family and Community Studies.  The structure of the Faculty is designed to create an environment that enables all to work in partnership to maximize the potential to develop, promote and deliver the work of the Faculty in a proactive manner.  With its five Departments, plus a health contracts office, staff provide a portfolio of courses that facilitate opportunities for joint working, interprofessional links and new networks.  The professional links that are an important element of the Faculty are represented through the courses being offered and Departments work together so as to facilitate high quality service provision able to adapt to changing service requirements in the health and social care arena. The Faculty receives good reviews, for instance the East of England Strategic Health Authority and the General Social Work Council. The Faculty has also been recognised for its work in the support of practice.  A recent review by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) gave it an outstanding rating for its support for practitioners, students and mentors in the practice arena. Acute Care The Department of Acute Care offers a full-time pre-nursing course and a range of part-time continuing education modules and pathways. It has recently begun to develop its distance learning provision with the objective of having two full distance learning pathways and seven additional distance learning modules. The pre-registration adult nursing course has recently gained re-validation after successful delivery over many years. The course offers a professional adult nursing degree qualification. The aim of the pre-registration course is to prepare practitioners who are able to function in continually changing health care environments and who are able to deliver safe and effective practice in the clinical care settings. Courses include the following: Undergraduate -  Nursing (Adult) (BSc Hons, full time) -  Acute Care (BSc Hons, full time or part time) Postgraduate -  Continuing Professional Development Modules in Acute Care -  Pre-registration Adult Nursing Course Health care is changing rapidly, advances in technology and the drive towards evidence based practice, together with the increasing demands for acute health care has led to significant changes in public expectations and the delivery of health care.  In order to meet these demands the Department offers a BSc (Hons) Acute Care pathway and a range of part- time continuing education modules.  These prepare practitioners to undertake the role of clinical specialist, leader and educator.  Staff within the Department have expertise in delivery modules across a range of health care settings, particularly within critical and advanced care and this is seen as an area offering high potential for development and in particular internationally.  The Department is currently undergoing the validation process for an MSc in Critical Care which will be offered by distance learning and for which markets have been identified in a number of countries including India, Africa and China.  Critical Care modules can be accessed individually or as part of the BSc Acute Care pathway. Other pathways which have been developed particularly for international students include a BSc and a Masters in International Nursing Studies.  The BSc offers the Overseas Nursing Programme which if successfully completed allows an international student to register with the NMC and potentially work as a nurse in the UK. Allied Health and Medicine The Department offers a wide range of programmes from foundation degree through to postgraduate courses for different roles within the health and social care professions on a full time and part time basis and covering both technical expertise and leadership and management development courses.  Courses include the following: Undergraduate -  Anaesthetic Practice (Grad Cert; part time) -  Healthcare Science (BSc; full time) -  Health and Social Care (BSc Hons, Dip HE, Cert HE; full or part time) -  Operating Department Practice (Dip HE; full time) -  Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care (BSc Hons, Dip HE, Cert HE; full or    part time) Postgraduate -  Advanced Practice (MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip; full or part time) -  Health Promotion (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert; full or part time) -  Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care (MSc, PGCert, PG Dip; full or part        time) -  Medical and Healthcare Education (MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip; part time) -  Physiotherapy (MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip; full time or part time) -  Radiography (MRI) (MSc - distance learning) -  MBA in Hospital Administration -  MsC in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery In addition, courses are offered in collaboration with external partners.  These include a short course in Decontamination of Medical Devices and a part time course in osteopathy. Finally, there are a very wide range of Continuing Professional Development modules run by the Department enabling students to fulfill their personal and professional potential and maintain and extend their standards of professional practice.   Family and Community Studies The Department provides modules to meet the diverse range of physical and emotional needs of children and their families.  It offers an extensive portfolio of modules and courses which are designed to meet the growing agenda in health and social care and catering for professionals who wish to update their practice, obtain further qualifications, change career pathways, enhance their skill base or participate in debates and discussions to inform practice knowledge.  Key subject areas include children's and neonatal nursing, social work, counselling, and social policy.  Courses are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level and on a full time and part time basis.  There are also a range of continuing development courses.  Examples of courses are as follows: Undergraduate -  Children and Young People (BSc Hons, full time) -  Nursing (Child) (BSc Hons, full time) -  Social Policy (BA Hons, full or part time) -  Social Work (BA Hons, full or part time) -  Youth and Community Work (BA Hons, full or part time) Postgraduate Advanced Social Work: Leadership and Management (MA, part time) Advanced Social Work: Mental Health Services (MA, part time) A full list of courses can be found on our University website. Mental Health The Department of Mental works very closely with local user and care agencies, NHS Trusts, the private and voluntary sectors and primary care providers. The pathways, courses and modules delivered by the Department reflect the nature of contemporary practice by embracing users, carers and family participation, ethnic and cultural awareness, partnership concepts, collaborative practice, therapeutic strategies, inter-professional cooperation and reflective practice.  This ensures a range of personal and professional development opportunities offered from pre-registration to postgraduate level. The Department has particular strengths in psychological interventions and is the biggest provider of courses in this area across the region; courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have a longstanding reputation and there is the opportunity to further develop this area. The majority of modules that make up the course profile may be studied by health and social care professionals from any discipline and many of the modules can be undertaken by service users, carers and care assistants.  Most of the continuing education modules/courses are studied on a part time basis.  Courses include the following: Undergraduate -  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (BSc Hons, part time) -  Nursing (Mental Health) (BSC Hons, full time) -  Mental Health (BSc Hons, full time, part time or distance learning) Postgraduate -  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MSc, PG Cert, PG Dip, part time) Primary and Public Health Primary care describes the health services that play a central role in the community provided by health professionals such as GPs, midwives, health visitors, school nurses, community nurses, pharmacists and many others.  These services are often the first point of contact for patients who are then followed through their care pathway.  Health professionals also align closely and work with the public health agenda.  The Department offers a range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as continuing professional development courses. Courses are compatible with the relevant National Service Framework recommendations. Courses include the following: Undergraduate -  Long Term Conditions (BSc Hons, full or part time) -  Midwifery (BSc Hons, full time) -  Older Adult (BSc Hons, full or part time) -  Palliative Care (BSc Hons, part time) -  Primary and Community Care ( BSc Hons, full or part time) -  Public Health (BSc Hons, full or part time) Postgraduate -  Advanced Midwifery (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert, full or part time) -  Health Promotion (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert, full or part time) -  Public Health (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert, full or part time) Penna plc - Regent Arcade House, Argyll Street London W1F 7TS
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